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EyeRepair™ Wrinkle Remover

EyeRepair™ Wrinkle Remover

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EyeRepair™ Is Formulated with a safe, gentle tissue tightening agent which lifts away 83% fine lines and deep wrinkles instantly! It also provides an antioxidant action, fights free radicals and boosts collagen renewal. 

It can effectively restore the plump and healthy elasticity of the Pouch and wrinkles, suitable for long time use.

Why Do I Need EyeRepair™?

  • Soothes, nourishes and improves the skin, alleviates surrounding skin problems.
  • The cream is gentle on the skin without causing irritation.
  • Reduces wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyelids.
  • Restores the firmness and clarity of the surrounding skin making the skin tight and firm.

Instantly Look Younger

Stop wasting time and money on treatments and procedures that keep letting you down. EyeRepair™ uses patented technology to remove bags under the eyes / dark circles/eye wrinkles in real-time, making your eyes look as beautiful as ever.

In just only 60 seconds you’ll enjoy firmer, plumper, smoother, and more youthfully radiant under eyes/skin for up to 10 hours

Naturally, Pure & ECO-Friendly 

Most skincare contains harsh chemical fillers, but EyeRepair™ treatment is nothing but pure, potent, eco-friendly ingredients designed to enhance your unique beauty.

How To Use?

1. Open the transparent lid and open the eye cream to seal the inner lid. 
2. Squeeze an appropriate amount of eye cream as shown in the figure. 
3. Apply the eye cream from the inner corner of the eye to the corner of the eye evenly without the need to massage the eye skin. After use, cover the eye cream.

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